Training Services

FranServe understands what it takes to have a successful business in the Franchise Consulting industry and it all begins with the right training.

It starts with a New Consultant Training Program provided in 3 phases focusing on teaching our consultants to be experts in the FranServe Candidate Placement Process and Methodology plus to provide all the building blocks needed to have a successful Franchise Consulting Business:

It is further complemented by the Continuing Education Program which offers several courses each week provided throughout the year. These courses are designed to provide our consultants the knowledge, expertise and resources required to grow their business.

  • New Consultant Training Program
    • Core & Elective Courses – Phase I
    • Personal and Group Mentoring – Phase II
    • Consultant Development Courses – Phase III
  • Continuing Education
    • Franchise Training
    • Consultant Skills Training
    • Industry Knowledge and Resources Training

New Consultant Core Training Curriculum Overview – Phase I:

1. Introduction to the Franchise Industry / Your Business
You will be provided with a deeper understanding of the franchise industry. You will learn the definition of a franchise, advantages & disadvantages of franchising, the difference between a franchise and a business opportunity and more.
2. Legal
This training session is taught by a franchise attorney who will educate you on the legalities of franchising, the do’s and don’ts as a franchise consultant and understanding the “all important” Franchise Disclosure Document.
3. Internet Leads and Engagement
This session will introduce you to the many options that are available in utilizing the Internet for your marketing and lead generation purposes plus will help you be more effective in managing and engaging different types of leads.
4. Local & Network Marketing
You will learn how to develop a referral business and a network marketing plan plus receive idea’s for local advertising and marketing opportunities.
5. Candidate Qualifying
This training session will teach you how to effectively qualify or disqualify your candidates when you contact them. This will include managing the conversation and process, building rapport and credibility as well. This session will also include the fundamentals of the candidate interview using the confidential questionnaire which will help identify the key criteria needed to effectively match your candidates personal and business criteria to potential franchise opportunities.
6. Research and Franchisor Protocol
You will learn how to utilize the FranServe franchisor directory and matching technology, how to focus your business research efforts and match your candidates personal and business criteria to potential franchise opportunities. In addition, you will learn best practices on working with franchisors to introduce yourself, understand their registration process, territory check and discovery process.
7. Presentation to Placement
Provided is best practices of presenting franchise opportunities to your candidate, how to manage the candidate/franchisor introductory calls and will teach you about coaching techniques and tools that make you a value-added franchise consultant resulting in a franchise placement and earning you a placement fee.
8. FranServe Support Site and Consultant Website Training
Receive training and understanding of the FranServe Support Center Site. Learn about all the resources and tools available to you so you can effectively run your Franchise Consulting practice.

New Consultant Electives Curriculum Overview – Phase I:

BeneTrends is a funding resource for your candidates. Learn about how your candidates can use their 401K (Tax Penalty Free) to fund a franchise opportunity or consider other types of loans depending on the business situation, including: SBA Loans, Equipment Leasing, Merchant Cash Advances, Asset Backed Loans and more. Learn how to work with BeneTrends to get the most attractive financing option for your candidate\’s particular needs.
Tenet Financial Group
Tenet Financial realizes that many clients are dealing with fear and skepticism as they are considering owning a franchise. Learn about how to work with Tenet, who is recognized for clearly articulating how financing can be obtained which enables clients to move forward with their new business venture. Tenet works with franchise consultants on the necessary steps to provide clients with the knowledge they need to make a sound financial decision.
Guidant Financial
Guidant Financial helps clients create the life they want by providing access to innovative funding options. Learn about Guidant and the best way to work with them in guiding your clients to the best approach for financing their venture. Guidant has a solution that will allow your candidates to pre-qualify for financing in a few minutes.
Alternative Private Funding
The purpose of this training module is to educate you on a unique type of loan product – Securities Based Loans – which can be used to finance the purchase of franchises. These are privately funded, low-cost loans that can close in as little as 15 business days. The goal of the training is to give you a general understanding of how the loans work and the basic questions to ask in order to determine who might be a good candidate for this type of loan.
Art of Master Franchising
Learn about master franchising, the secret to great wealth in franchising! We will explore the characteristics of the ideal candidate and arm you with tremendous tools to educate you further about specific brands that are developing through master franchising. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to broaden your franchising repertoire and expand your knowledge.
LinkedIn Strategies
Join speaker, author and franchisor entrepreneur as he reveals to you a strategy for using social media to better network yourself. As you know, networking is the key to success, especially in the world of franchise consultantage. Social media is another weapon for you in your networking arsenal. Learn how to leverage social media and capitalize on an incredible free resource.
E2 Investor Visa
Lean about representing foreign entrepreneurs in investor visa matters involving start-up franchises as well as acquiring existing franchise businesses. Discover how to determine eligibility for investment visas and green cards.
Franchisor Courses- Franchisor Business Experts
Attend multiple training sessions that will educate you on different franchise categories, introduce you to a variety of business concepts and provide you with best practices as a consultant working with franchisors.

New Consultant Development Training Curriculum Overview – Phase III:

1. Adapting to Your Candidate Behavioral Style
To reduce misunderstandings and improve relationships, it is important to understand that each of us has a personal preference in our communication and operational style. This course helps participants understand the different types of behavioral styles for processing information, managing change and communicating with others. Learning outcomes from this course will be an awareness of one’s own style, identifying others styles, an appreciation for the differences and tips for adapting to others behavioral styles to improve relationships and have more success in motivating others.
2. Growing Successfully Through Specialization
This training class will discuss the benefits gained by becoming a true expert in a specific brand category and your ability to present with passion.
3. Successfully Establish a Vision Match: Aligning a Candidates Profile with a Franchise
Once you have established credibility and conducted a detailed interview with your qualified candidate, you should be in a position to establish a vision match. Specifically, you should be able to effectively outline what you have identified as the tangibles and intangibles of what your candidate is looking for in a business and align your candidates profile with a franchise opportunity. This course helps you identify key criteria from your interview to consider when researching and presenting franchise opportunities to your candidate. The objective is to create a “Vision Match” in your candidate’s mind based upon the important criteria they have shared and the benefits of the presented franchises.
4. Risk Management: Overcoming Fear and Understanding Risk
In this training module, you learn about how to better understand and talk to your Candidates about facing their fears early on in process. We will discuss the reasoning that halts the 95% from moving forward and becoming their own boss. We will also discuss how proper qualifying is an educational process for both the Consultant and the Candidate. What are some of the clear signals that will show a Consultant that their Candidate may not be able to pull the trigger and sign an agreement when the franchise process completes. And when is the right time to discuss facing ones fears.

Continuing Education Program:

Franchise Training
Attend regularly scheduled training sessions to learn about the franchises you represent. In this training you will learn the specifics of their business models, their franchisee award criteria and how to identify which of your clients would be a match for their franchise. You will also learn their preferred referral process plus their discovery and validation process so you can properly prepare your candidate for their due diligence. In addition you will learn of the resources available to you to further educate yourself on the franchise and collateral available for your candidates.
Consultant Skills Training
This training is designed to further enhance your knowledge and expertise as a Franchise Consultant. You will learn a range of techniques used to qualify candidates to determine not only their financial capabilities but to also determine motivational factors, degree of seriousness and interest, hot button issues, fears or hesitations and more. There will be training to learn about how proper goal setting will enhance your consultant practice, effective communication skills and more.
Industry Knowledge and Resource Training
Training will be provided to further your knowledge of the franchise industry. You will also learn about various tools and resources available you can utilize in your consulting practice such as alternative lead and marketing resources.