Knockout Sports Bar

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Knockout Sports Bar (KOSB) is a provider of the most affordable franchise opportunity in the specialty-casual American sports bar industry. KOSB is a boxing-themed sports bar offering the coldest 26-degree bottled beer in the U.S. and the healthiest 95% fat-free game changing wings in the country. KOSB is inspired by the mentality and discipline of boxing and promotes humility in winning and dignity in defeat in life’s battle. KOSB believes life is a ring and every guest is a boxer who needs a break between the rounds of their daily fight. KOSB is the corner of the ring for every guest who needs that essential one-minute break between daily, yearly and life-time battles. KOSB’s entire staff including our attractive servers are committed to nourishing our guests with our chef-driven food along with the nation’s coldest beer and the healthiest wings.

Since the inception of our Knockout Sports Bar (KOSB) brand , it was with a singular philosophy that drove every aspect of our creation: Our philosophy of the fighter. We all come into this world with nothing but two empty hands. Some will look at those hands and see failure; others will see opportunity, clench those empty hands into fists, and knockout adversity…..Those are the fighters; those are the champions…

Here at KOSB we believe that everyone is a fighter in the fight of their lives, everyday. And whether celebrating victory, or surviving defeat, every fighter needs a corner. Our singular goal at KOSB, is to give our everyday fighters that corner to rest in . Our philosophy, coupled with an innovative venue of round-the-year sports broadcasting surpassing just boxing, and with customer service surpassing all industry standards, we are proud to present the world’s very best sports bar in the industry.

WHY Knockout Sports Bar?

  • Our industry provides the best place to enjoy watching sports in the country.
  • We provide the most value for the atmosphere and experience for the sports fans in the U.S.
  • We provide the most value for the real estate for a large group of patrons who can’t afford fine dining as a group

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