Industry Testimonials

“At age 65, I was tired of the job searching challenges and discrimination. Not ready to fully retire, I decided to go back into business for myself one more time. So I went online and selected 10 business opportunities that I could comfortably afford and that also fit with my professional background experience. After further research, I narrowed the 10 business opportunities down to three and connected with representatives from each company. After several phone interviews and one face to face meeting, I chose FranServe. With the help and patience from Don Clayton, it became clear to me that FranServe was the best fit for my personal circumstances and goals.

As a previous independent business owner, franchise owner and franchise trainer, I knew the importance of completing and following the FranServe’s training programs. And, NOT to reinvent their suggested way of doing business! With that being said, I was able to place four of my candidates into eight franchises (or business opportunities) within my first nine months as a FranServe Affiliate. Truly exceeding my first year expectations!

It is also very important to mention, that the amount of time and number of leads it took to capture my success was fully in line with FranServe’s description of possible ROI (return on investment).

In closing, my experience with Don Clayton, Tim Bleakley, Marc Stephens and the entire FranServe staff has been, and continues to be a positive investment for me. I am very thankful for the opportunity!”

 Len Moyer Orlando FL CA


“A lot has changed in the past 12 months with Bio-One! One year ago, we were partnered with every major franchise network in the Nation, our Discovery Day averaged just one or two candidates in attendance. Today we work with only the best consultants in the industry, FranServe Consultants! Fast forward one year, I’m happy to report that we are “All-In” with FranServe and consistently sell out Discovery Day month after month. We love working with the industry’s best and FranServe Consultants have been instrumental in our success.”

– Jason OBrien, President & CEO of Bio-One


“I was introduced into the Franchise Consultant idea from a personal friend who knew my strengths and mentioned looking into it.  I never realized there was such a thing.  I made my calls and became very impressed with the overall business model of becoming a Franchise Consultant.  It would allow me to utilize all of my past professional experiences. The result has been extremely rewarding.  It is the most enjoyable job I have had in my professional career.  The economic times brings new meaning for those who are tired of job changes every 2.5 years and taking on average 40 weeks to secure another one, per the US Department Labor of Statistics.  There are more businesses and franchises that bring unique and proven business models to investors who want to own their own business.  As a Franchise Consultant I am able to assist those looking for a career change.  Many times my clients have called and thanked me to put them into a new career that has made such a positive impact in their lives.”

– Dick Humphrey Silverthorne CO


“The benefits of working with a Franchise Consultant is they are knowledgeable, well- versed in the franchising industry and can educate and support their clients as they go through the due diligence process. I have worked with numerous consultants with the FRANSERVE network and they are among the most professional and competent in the industry.”

– Holly Owens, Franchise Development Manager – Alliance Franchise Brands


“We have only great things to say about FranServe and their affiliated consultants! The quality and quantity of leads provided to us from this group are tremendous. We’ve closed 19 deals with referrals from FranServe in the last year alone! The support we receive ‘behind the scenes’ from the corporate level is also outstanding. Updates/changes to our profile in their system are dealt with in a very efficient manner and we couldn’t ask for more.  Without question the best consultant group in the industry.”

– Pam Duskocy, Director of Franchising – Schooley Mitchell Franchise Corp.


“It is very exciting to be concluding my first full year as a FranServe consultant! I did it! I walked out of a six-figure corporate job and exceeded my income in my first full year! The most exciting part is I did it on my terms with the flexibility of working from a home/beach office. I had two months in particular that are worth sharing. In March, while on a two week vacation in Florida, I earned $53,000 in commissions as a result of deals that closed.  In the October I had another banner month where I earned $59,000 closing 4 deals. This opportunity allows the entrepreneur in me to flourish!”

– Joan Winchester Newtown Square PA


“In August of 2002 I decided to leave corporate American and start my own consulting business with a main emphasis on business brokering.  Within 2½ months I had my first deal worth $20,000 in commissions.  It snow balled after that!  Quickly I learned that helping people start their own franchise (i.e., business in a box) was less stressful for me because all I did was make referrals/introductions to the franchise and collect a nice commission/fee for doing so!  This is where FranServe comes in.  Where do I begin?  The resources, contacts, relationships, training, webinars, back office intranet, leads, software, and I could go on and on.  The decision to partner with FranServe has been one of the best decisions of my life and I’m grateful.  It’s literally like having a team of industry professionals in my back pocket at all times.  I no longer feel by myself rather a part of something bigger and thriving!”

– Don Clayton Raleigh NC


“I have been a Franchise Consultant for almost 3 years now and it continues to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I was introduced into the world of franchising back in 2005 when I began doing franchise sales for a home care franchise company.  I had never really heard of franchise consultants before and realized very quickly their value to Franchisors.  Consultants made my job easier, because I knew they were only sending me qualified candidates.  In 2009 I made the leap to consulting and haven’t looked back.  It has given me everything I need in a career, great money, flexibility and joy in knowing I am helping people find the business of their dreams.”

– Vicktoria White Atlanta GA


“I had thought seriously about owning my own business for a long time. I had some prior experience as an owner a few decades back. I had owned a restaurant with another partner back in the late 1980’s for five years; unfortunately it was not a franchise.  To make a long story short, I studied franchise business options for about a year before I finally made my decision to become a Franchise Consultant. I had looked at many different brand categories but in the end, franchise consulting really seemed to be a great fit for me overall. I signed my agreement in October, 2010. I resigned my prior job and went at this full-time and whole heartily. I set specific goals and worked diligently at achieving those goals.  I closed my first deal, put money into my bank account in January 2011. My second deal closed in March, 2011. That second deal returned my entire investment and more and I was already into the black. I finished my first full year well ahead of my initial monetary goals that I had set. Being your own boss certainly gives you a lot of flexibility and enables you a much better life style than working for a corporate office. I just hated having someone else’s thumb on my head, relentlessly pushing for results. I love being my own boss and that feeling is even greater knowing that my earnings are higher than I had ever earned in the past.   I am very happy with the decision I made to move forward and become a franchise consultant. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself.”

– John Fretty Casselbury FL


“I was introduced to and became affiliated with FranServe in January 2013.  In 2012 my corporate position ended and I did not want start over in a typical job scenario and I felt the climate was right to launch a business of my own.   I did not want any territorial boundaries, nor did I want to be tied to a brick & mortar building on Main Street, so the FranServe model appeared to be a perfect fit.   The company offered everything I was looking for… a huge portfolio, a terrific training program, continuing education, a strong reputation in the industry and an opportunity to recapture the earning power I had enjoyed in my past career.   I looked closely at two similar organizations but FranServe became the obvious choice and since my decision to join FranServe that decision has been reinforced repeatedly.   I have been most impressed with the Management of the company.   They are there to serve and they do it well.   They respond to our needs and they do it quickly.   They keep the franchise portfolio fresh and current with a non-stop array of attractive business models and franchise concepts.  Everyone in management answers their phone and they reply to all e-mail requests.  They have a genuine helpful spirit.  Each of the members of the Training Department is an expert in their field. They teach from personal experience and their delivery is on-point and genuine.   In Summary… this company genuinely wants and celebrates the success of each of its affiliate members.   It’s a solid very solid company.”

– David Craghead, Smithfield VA


“Our relationship with FranServe has been very productive.  FranServe Corporate and the FranServe Consultants have done a wonderful job helping us grow the Scout & Molly’s Boutique Brand. We value our relationship with FranServe and look forward to continued growth.  Thank you FranServe for all your help.”

– Scout & Molly’s Boutiques


“What can we say about FranServe?  It’s easy, thank you!  FranServe has been not only a pleasure to work with but also have delivered. The consultants have helped us grow our Brand and find the type of Franchisees we are looking for.  We greatly appreciate our relationship with FranServe.”

– All About People Staffing


“First, Rhino 7 would like to acknowledge Alesia, Marc and the entire FranServe Corporate team not only for effectively helping us grow our Franchise Brands but also for their professionalism in franchising. The FranServe Consultants are a pleasure to work with and have also been very effective.  FranServe is an excellent organization and I personally highly recommend them. ”

– Doug Schadle, CEO-Rhino 7 Franchise Dev Corp.


“We have been part of the FranServe Team since day one and they have always exceeded our expectations.  They go above and beyond to provide support, value and help us close deals.  But most of all, we love the culture and spirit of the FranServe Family.  They are a First Class organization driven by exceptional ethics and operating with the highest level of integrity.”

– Kelly Krueger, Senior Consultant – Tenet Financial Group


“Over the past several years, FranServe Consultants have sent us top notch candidates that have purchased both new businesses and existing businesses with CertaPro. They understand how to position our brand as a scalable model that is not about picking up a paint brush, and the candidates they send are well prepared to look at ownership options”

Jeff Bien, VP of Franchise Development – CertaPro Painters