Become a Franchise Consultant

Entrepreneurs exploring franchise ownership need help finding a business opportunity that suits them. Franchisors need a stream of high-quality prospects from a source they can trust. FranServe consultants provide that and more, earning money by connecting franchise candidates to franchisors looking to grow.

We have the industry’s largest number of contracted franchisors and work with both established legacy brands and hot, new brands. FranServe’s reputation is built on results, integrity, and – well, just being fun people. We love what we do and it shows.

Become an expert in a growing industry

Because of the franchise industry’s complexity, many business owners hoping to jump into franchising for the first time get overwhelmed – they need help from expert, impartial advisors who can guide them through the unfamiliar process of finding a concept that suits them.

Start and grow your own franchise consulting firm

FranServe consultants are independent contractors – you don’t work for FranServe and you don’t work for a franchisor. You work for you. From industry-leading training and ongoing support to your own custom website, we provide everything you’ll need to start and operate your own business.

Help others achieve their dreams of business ownership through franchising

Earn money providing no-cost consultation services to people ready to change their lives through business ownership. Earn generous referral fees from franchisors and franchise funding service partners, and help small business owners franchise their business.

Discover the benefits of being a FranServe consultant

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    The most comprehensive training and support program in the industry

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    Personal and group mentoring programs and yearly convention

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    The best software system and technology infrastructure in the industry

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    A comprehensive and well-respected Certification Program

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    The highest number of available marketing services – with an in-house leads program

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    Branded, mobile-friendly websites for all of our consultants

Three profit centers to build your business

Become an expert in each of three revenue streams while helping businesses grow and business owners change their lives.

  • Placing clients into the right franchise opportunity

  • Helping clients access capital to open their franchise

  • Helping small businesses start franchising their concept

“We’ve been franchise consultants with FranServe for seven years – the culture here is one of mutual support and encouragement. There are always experienced consultants ready and willing to answer your questions and help you grow. FranServe provides the tools, the resources and the leadership to help you succeed in your business. We are very grateful to be part of FranServe.”

Jon & Kathy Hylton FranServe Consultants

“FranServe is a great partner in my franchise consulting business. From the multi-phase training to the mentor and other support programs, my FranServe support team is with me every step of the way. I have learned so much and have been able to develop great relationships with many franchisors. Most importantly, I have been able to help many individuals and teams find the right business that can help them achieve their dreams!”

Chris Brooks FranServe Consultant
Chris Brooks FranServe Consultant

“The training and continuing support from FranServe is more than I could have asked for. The mentor program really helps you fine tune your approach and get to a high degree of success. There are also many programs that help you meet other consultants which helps build smaller partner teams you can learn from and educate yourself through.”

Chris Smith FranServe Consultant
Chris Smith FranServe Consultant

“I became a FranServe consultant in 2019 after my 3rd and final layoff as an IT professional in Corporate America. I have always had an interest in franchising and invested in franchising in 2016. I was intrigued by the franchise consulting industry as it’s a great way to help others achieve their entrepreneurial goals while earning income for yourself. After vetting a few of the consulting brokerages, FranServe stuck out because of the vast experience of the leadership team and the tools and training they had in place to help consultants not only get started but thrive.”

Chris Wilson FranServe Consultant

“Being introduced to the FranServe opportunity is one that I’ll be forever grateful. I carve my own path, make my own hours and decisions, create my own successes. The bonus is the network of amazing colleagues and the mutual support we share. Every day I make positive changes in people’s lives and my own! I’m emotionally, professionally and financially rewarded and feel very blessed to be part of such a caring community of professionals.”

Diana Capirano FranServe Consultant
Diana Capirano FranServe Consultant

“Every single day I am thankful for FranServe and the FranServe Family. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined how personally, professionally and financially fulfilling my decision to join this organization would be. Honored to be a part of this amazing organization!”

Julie Goldberg FranServe Consultant
Julie Goldbery FranServe Consultant

“FranServe allows me to be me. As a certified franchise consultant, I help people change their lives and their family’s lives through business ownership. But it doesn’t stop there. If there are employees involved in the new business, I’ve helped them and their families. If it’s a storefront franchisee, then a bright, shiny-new penny just opened in the community – everybody feels a little better and no matter what the franchise is, all of it creates ancillary income for the town. I’m still helping build community and I’m doing it with FranServe and I’m doing it one family at a time. I’ve been with FranServe for five years and I have been thankful for every minute. I consider myself very fortunate to be able to do what I enjoy and at the same time, help a little corner of the world.”

Daniel Hayes FranServe Consultant
Daniel Hayes FranServe Consultant

“Joining FranServe and becoming a professional franchise consultant through their training & mentorship program is the best career move I ever made.  Like many, I wanted to be my own boss and leave Corporate America.  Becoming a franchise consultant part-time at first allowed me to gain confidence before completely cutting the steady paycheck cord.  Once I did, it was full speed ahead and I am living my dream.  To me that means more time with my family, enjoying freedom and flexibility and being accountable only to my own high goals and standards.  My income is excellent and a direct reflection of my efforts and I can rest easy knowing that my job can never be abruptly eliminated.”

Jason Blough FranServe Consultant

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