Social Geek Radio: Q4: Serving the Customer

What Does Q4 Mean This Year?

I have no new news to share this month. But I do have some words of encouragement to all franchisees and future small-business owners: Welcome to October. Welcome to The Fourth Quarter of 2021. And, as one of my rock ‘n’ roll heroes once said, Welcome to the Jungle.

There was a time in mid-2020 when many of us – including me – were not sure that we would have made it to this point!

But what awaits us in Q4 of 2021? Will we see further lockdowns of small businesses? Will we see more dreams diminished in order to further someone else’s political narrative? Will franchising see more expos and events canceled?

Let’s remember one thing: “The pandemic” or “the virus” did not close a single small business or make anyone lose their job. Your local government did. That’s not a popular opinion among many in the media, but it is a fact.

Will we close everything down again? I hope not. But I don’t trust the politicians who run New York, California, or my home state of Illinois.

Serving Customers

But while we plan for the worst, we will hope for the best. Regardless of our governors or other elected officials, we will move ahead, put smiles on our faces, and most importantly, serve our customers. Remember, they’ve had a rough two years as well, and many have had a harder two years than you or me.

And this is where service happens. What do your customers need from you right now? An adviser? An expert? A friend? Whatever they need, be that! The relationships you establish, nurture, and grow in 2021 and 2022 will lead to long-term business success in the next decade.

– Jack Monson

Jack Monson is the host of the Social Geek Radio Network, home of the number one podcasts in Franchising including The Franchise News Podcast and The Facebook Franchise Podcast. Monson is also the Chief Revenue Officer at Social Joey and has been working with franchisees and small businesses in social media marketing for 13 years. For more information, visit, or email

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